Bujang Pontianak City, 2016

Hi guys...           I recently was able to interview a young smart and handsome. Who is he... He is a bujang pontianak city. Bujang is a tourism ambassador of pontianak city representing ethnic malay. Bujang ofpontianak city served as the extension the government to help the government in promoting tourism andpreserve culture pontianak city. The selection bujang dare pontianak city into the annual the government in commemorating the day sopontianak city. On this occasion i successfully interviewed bujangpontianak, 2016. Adirama chisna putra familiar commonly called adi,was born in pontianak city, march 25, 1994. He was a finalist bujang dare pontianak city 2016. Adi is a final year of student at the university tanjongpura faculty of economics and business, department of accounting the is preparing a final project. He is not only a bujang pontianak city, but he also became an ambassador of the environment in the of pontianak city. "the ups and downs became the bujang of ptk cityang…

Reading Skill

A. Pre-reading Questions Robots can help people to do a job everyday in outdoor and indoor.It could make human beings to be lazy and careless.
B. Reading   Paragraph 1 : Bill Gates, who made his career in personal computers, believe that the age of home robots has arrived.   Paragraph 2 : Second, cameras, GPS, and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world arround them.   Paragraph 3 : They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes.
C. Identyfying Topic and Main Idea C.Robots in the homeA.Robots will improve our lives in many waysE. Identyfying Opinions

A.All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever
List of jobs if robots to do in the future: Airline pilot. We don't agree, because the robots can endanger the safety of passenger. If robots have demage of a sudden, then the plane cna out of control and had an accident.Cook. We don't agree, because if robots cook something have n…

Robots In The Home

How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.
I used at least six electronics, there are a smartphone, rice cooker, television, fan, vacum cleaner, freezer, etc.What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
A communication tool, cooking rice, see information, lowering the temperature, cleaning of dust, refrigerate food, etc. I think if they are can preparing food, make a cake quickly, be a doctor, help do homework, etc,Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?
There are, for example doing exercise or homework must be done alone, because because it will train our understanding of the tasks assigned.

Adopt : legally take another's child and bring it up as one's own.Aid : help, typically of a practical nature.Effort : a vigorous or determined attempt.Force : strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.Career : an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a per…

I can’t imagine life without chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of the physical learn about the word, the nature and material changes structure, changes material. Chemistry is often referred to as "knowledge centers", because connecting various other sciences, such as physics, materials science, nanotechnology, biology, pharmacy, medicine, bioinformatics, and geology. So it can be said that the chemicals very instrumental impotant in life. I can’t imagine if Jabir Ibnu Hayyan and other scientists did not find the chemistry. Why...? Because the science of chemistry , the drug can be made, energy can be renewed, and much more that can be in gain from chemistry. In the everyday, we often use chemicals such as salt, flavorings and others to cook. It is inconceivable if the salt is not found then every food that we cook will taste bland. So is life, will taste bland if the chemistry is not found. Hehe... Therefore we should be grateful to scientists have found the science of chemicals. And thank God has created this uni…

My Skills

Hi guys this time i going to tell me about my skill. I am the not so understand the arts and i do not come from families who understand the art. However, I have skill in the art. The art that i’m smart is not the art of dance, music, literature or theater but the fine art. Of all kinds of art, has been i’m try everything. Such as dance and theater, this art just as I did to fill an annual event organized by the student union at my college. The event is a national event that is attended by participants qualify scientific writing competition of all universities in Indonesia. Standing featuring an art in front of great people to be a pride and memories that are unforgettable. While the art music, the art that almost never flashed by in everyday life, even just listen or participate recite the lyric of the song.

          Even so, art remains be my skills. Fine art is the creation of quality, the results of expressions, or of natural beauty or everything that is exceeds its authe…

My Self

Hi guys, my name is Hani Alfiyani, i was born in Pontianak, on july 14th 1998. I was the second of two children. my hobby is away road. so every time I take a minute to walk around with my friends around the city of Pontianak, where the city passed the Equator. speaking of Equator, in yhe city there is a monument to the Equator Pontianak located on the jalan Khatulistiwa. the monument was standing right at the point of zero degrees. and these line we as the left foot to the left line and the right foot to the right lines. okay, forget about my hobby, now we go with my ideals.

          Now I'm continuing education to public universities in the city of my birth, in the city of Pontianak. High College was named University Tanjungpura. Where I majored in Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Talking about majors Also means talking about ideals. Before me about college. I'll tell you a little about my ideals. Okay guys, I have ideals are very high,…

Tutorial Membuat Blog

Sejarah, Pengertian, dan Fungsi Blog

Sejarah Singkat Blog       Media blog pertama kali dipopulerkan oleh blogger.com dimiliki oleh perusahaan Pyra Labs yang disebarluaskan pada Agustus 1999. Karena kepopuleran tersebut, Pyra Labs akhirnya diakusisi oleh Google pada akhir tahun 2002. Semenjak itu, banyak terdapat apikasi-aplikasi yang bersifat Open Source yang diperuntukkan kepada perkebangan para penulis blog tersebut.
Pengertian Blog
      Blog (Web Log) adalah situs berisi informasi yang dipublikasikan di World Wide Web, yakni sistem dokumen hypertext (teks yang merujuk pada teks lainnya) yang saling terkait dan bisa diakses melalui internet. Fungsi Blog
   Fungsi blog pada dasarnya adalah sebagai media publikasi untuk menyalurkan ide atau catatan harian melalui tulisa-tulisan yang di muat dalam posting. Dalam perkembangan sekarang, blog bisa digunakan untuk menghasilkan uang melalui iklan yang terpasang di blog. Untuk dapat menghasilkan uang, tentu blog harus mempunyai pengunjung/vis…